Custom Supply of GC Stainless Steel Packed Columns

With in-house laboratory, we pack our own GC Stainless Steel Columns and we keep stock for most of the packing materials especially for the field of oil & gas separation.


Valco Instruments Co. Inc. and VICI AG International


-          Cheminert injectors, selectors, and valves

-          Valco injectors, selectors, and valves

-          Diaphragm valves

-          Miscellaneous valves

-          Cheminert fittings

-          Valco fittings

-          Filters

-          Actuators and accessories

-          Calibration gas standards

-          Flow injection analysis (FIA) accessories

-          Flow/pressure controllers

-          Gas monitors

-          Gas purifiers

-          Liquid handling 


GCE Druva


-          Instrument Grade Single Stage Regulator

-          Instrument Grade Dual Stage Regulator

-          Manual and Auto Changeover System

-          Gas Alarm System

-          Gas Cabinet

-          Explosion Proof Cabinet




-          Chromatography columns and supplies:

v      Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Phases and accessories

v      HPLC Columns

v      Thin Layer Chromatograph (TLC) Plates

v      GC Columns

v      Flash Chromatography LC Adsorbents

v      Vials and Caps

v      Filters

v      Applications


Scientific Glass Technology 


-          Gas Purifiers 


ILS Microsyringes


-          Syringes

-          Needles

-          Valves


Wellington Laboratories


-          Reference standards and chemicals for use in environmental analysis and toxicological research;

-          Such as PCBs, PCDDs, PCDFs, PFCs, etc.


 Dr Ehrenstorfer


-          Reference materials for residue analysis in environment;

-          Such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.


Toronto Research Chemicals


-          Complex organic chemicals for biomedical research;

-          Including radioisotope and stable isotope labeling chemicals.


CPA Chem


-          Custom-made  standards solutions (organic & inorganic);

-          Element Standards for AAS, ICP-AES and ICP-MS.